Countertops are beautiful contributors to the overall kitchen value. Choosing the right material is the first step to getting those countertops right. Here are a few of the leading materials that are best for kitchen installs.


Best materials to choose for your countertops


Granite – One of the most popular and versatile, granite is extremely reliable. Also, you can expect them to last with very minimal maintenance. These counters often pair best with darker wood materials, as well as rooms with more rustic accents.


Quartz – Quartz adds that extra level of beauty that most kitchens can benefit heavily from. They also are resistant to staining and can be maintained well over time. However, this will take a bit more additional care on your end. When you are cleaning the surfaces, be sure to be using chemicals and materials safe for quartz surfaces. They also will land a bit more on the expensive side for your new kitchen install.


Porcelain – Visually, porcelain is one of the top performers. You can expect your kitchen to really pop when you have porcelain counters installed. However, given how thin they are, they are also more prone to damage. You’ll need to be highly aware of how these crack and be ready to do minor at-home maintenance from time to time.