Looking for a new fireplace remodel? Your fireplace should be a centerpiece for your home décor. Finding the perfect material and stonework to compliment the room is crucial to ensure it becomes a centerpiece. Here are some tips to find that material in your living room remodel project.


Setting Your Fireplace Remodel Goals and Expectations

Remodeling is a huge task when you don’t have a plan. However, when you are able to set up each piece in stages, it becomes a lot easier. So before you begin, set up a budget plan and what your expectations are for the project. Then, you can take it one step at a time.


Once you get to the fireplace, you should take the time to consider how it’ll accent other similar stone materials. For example, having marble surfaces surrounding the fireplace could be a great pairing to put in. Although, it could end up being a bit too much of any one color or material, which will possibly overwhelm the room. This is where picking the material really becomes crucial.


Which Materials Are Best For Fireplaces?


The surrounds (area around your fireplace) can be a wide variety of things. In many homes, it’s common to see:






These are popular for a reason. They easily complement the rest of the room and don’t generally take an exceptional level of detail or quality to work well. Also, they can appeal to all different budgets. Each of these is sort of “leveled” to fit a different budget expectation.


Remodeling Kitchen Surfaces With Your Fireplace

Additionally, you can easily tie these in with the rest of your kitchen and home remodel. Pairing them together creates cohesion, and allows your home to feel more tightly knit. Luckily, we are able to supply all of your surface needs throughout your remodel project.


To learn more about our remodeling services and the work we can do with your surfaces, give us a call today!