Removing stains from your sink can be frustrating. Depending on the material finish, you can use a variety of products and methods to return the sink back to it’s original shine. Here are some tips on how to do just that.



Apply warm water and pressure



This is a good route if your sink material is unable to be exposed to more acidic or toxic cleaning supplies. Also, it will allow you to determine the stain’s depth. If it’s easily removed, then problem solved. If not, you’ll have to take some more time to find the best route to cleaning it properly.



Chemical solutions



Deep cleaning with hydrogen peroxide is a great alternative for stronger stains. Spraying it down the day before rather than applying with a cloth or simply pouring is very effective. Overnight, the stain should be much more easily washed away.



Avoiding damage



If your sink material is sensitive to chemicals, ensure you take note of that prior to cleaning it. Unfortunately, sometimes this can result in more harm than good if you don’t take the right precautions.



Overall, sink care is often simple and quick. Stain removal should be a relatively painless process, and only cause issues when chemical damage occurs as a response.