Want to increase your bathroom space? You probably think you need a considerable remodeling budget. Fortunately, there are far more wallet-friendly strategies to make your bathroom feel bigger.

Your bathroom layout has to be efficient, clean, and presented beautifully. To accomplish this, you need to have optimal usage of your space. Here are some tips to increase your surface space and make the room feel bigger.


Tips to Improve Bathroom Space


Neat and Tidy Cleaning

When you clean your surfaces and keep them clear, you’ll always feel a bit more comfortable. Often enough, you’re going to have clothes pile up and towels when using a high-traffic bathroom. This will quickly make the room feel a bit more claustrophobic than before. Fortunately, avoiding this can be simply done by routinely cleaning your bathroom surfaces and keeping them tidy.


Surface Mirrors

Mirrors can clog up space quickly. Especially standing mirrors, a major portion of your square footage ends up being dedicated to one mirror. Avoid this by installing your mirrors on the wall, or adding them to a cabinet door. Then, you can retain the functionality with none of the added space used.


Not for Storage

This phrase is a simple reminder that your bathroom isn’t intended to be a storage space. If you have completely irrelevant machines or gear you can move to the garage, take advantage of your garage space instead.


Remodeling Strategies for Adding Bathroom Space


Additionally, remodeling strategies are fantastic ways to improve the square footage of your bathroom without breaking the bank. You can do so by simply applying a layout shift rather than getting new materials and expanding the room in square footage. This way, you use the space you have to its full potential without the need for adding on another room.


To get started, give us a call today to assess your current bathroom space. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!